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Maintenance project for AAON Unit: Inspection
Maintenance Project for AAON Unit

Inspection of Economizer Dampers
We found that this unit had not been maintained for the previous five years, resulting in the economizer damper blades operating in the wrong positions.

Maintenance Project for AAON Unit: Repair
Maintenance Project for AAON Unit

Repair in progress
We readjusted all the economizer damper blades to their correct operating positions

Maintenance Project for AAON Unit: Completion
Maintenance Project for AAON Unit

Completed Repairs of the dampers
Tested operation of economizer for full open and close function. The economizer can now provide free cooling using outside air in the economizer mode.

Maintenance Project for Munters Unit: Inspection
Maintenance Project for Munters Unit

The unit was not cooling. We found that the strainer was plugged and not allowing water to flow over the cooling media.

Maintenance Project for Munters Unit: Remedy
Maintenance Project for Munters Unit

The strainer did its job by trapping debris. We cleaned the strainer of all debris, now water can flow unrestricted over the cooling media.

Maintenance Project for Munters Unit: Follow-up
Maintenance Project for Munters Unit

Follow-up Maintenance
We checked back one month later and found more debris. Cleaned the strainer of debris, and placed it back in service.

recent work

Testing for New VFD Installation

Testing of New VFD Installation

Retrofitted old motors and installed new VFDs. Verified new VFD controls and operation of the motors.

Replacement of 35 Ton Compressor
Replacement of 35 ton compressor

Replacing a compressor can be more than meets the eye. This compressor weighed 150 lbs. and it took four guys to carry it up two flights of stairs and out to the roof! Would’ve been great to have an elevator to the roof.

What Our Friends Say About Us

Doug Herbert

Conservation Mechanical Systems, Inc.

“Steve and his team at Envision Mechanical, Inc. have worked closely with us to provide timely and responsible start up and warranty services on our new and retrofit projects.  Steve’s professionalism has helped us in a critical part of our project delivery system. They are dedicated to efficiency and complete their work in a timely manner. We have teamed with Envision Mechanical, Inc. on many projects over the past several years and look forward to many more.”

Mark Swan

Evergreen School District

“Evergreen School District’s Maintenance and Operation Department has had the pleasure of utilizing the services of Envision Mechanical  (owned and operated by Steve Alexander ) for more than a decade. He and his staff are very knowledgeable in all aspects of HVAC mechanics and control operations.  Envision Mechanical, as we experienced, is a “turn key” operation who we can trust to get the job done.  Thank you.  Mark Swan.  Maintenance III.”

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